Project Type
Café Pop-up

My Role
Art Director
Experiential Designer
Hello Kitty and Friends Pet Therapy Cafe is a pop-up that focuses on the importance of a little distraction that helps with burnout and the stress of everyday life. Partnered with Sanrio and the Humane Society to bring together pet therapy and the opportunity to sponsor, foster, or adopt a pet.
The Problem
With the hustle culture of today’s society, many people need stress relief from their busy lives. (Hustle culture, also known as burnout culture, centers around the idea that working long hours and sacrificing self-care are required in order to succeed.)

The Insight 
In Japan, the concept of cat cafés has thrived, with an astounding number of over 150 establishments across the country. Cat cafes have become extremely popular with many Japanese businessmen finding solace and relaxation in playing with cats as a means to unwind and momentarily escape from work-related stress.
The Solution
Sanrio’s values are rooted in the belief that a gift is more than just a gift. Rather, a gift is a means of expressing our heartfelt feelings for others. This philosophy guides all of their activities including this project. 

Visitors can destress and enjoy a little distraction from work through the pets at this popup. The pets offer compassion whether the interaction is happy or sad; the pets speak from the heart like Hello Kitty.
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