Project Type
Pop-up Exhibition

My Role
Art Director
Experiential Designer
Hip-hop was born on the East Coast. So it is only fitting that we honor that by taking the visitor into the world of Hip Hop as the creator. Block parties are made up of people spending time together and sharing their stories, talents, and having a good time. The visitor is thrown into a block party-like exhibit on Little Island. It allows them to experience the origins, feuds, and icons that make up the genre of hip-hop. The experience guides them through the space to enjoy, food, music, and the history of hip-hop.  
The Block Party Experience
Visitors are immersed in an old-school block party experience. The birth and evolution of hip hop on the East Coast occurred at these block parties and with the people who attended them. Visitors can experience an old-school block party starting from the open fire hydrant, basketball hoop, food areas, tons go speakers, and a giant interactive boom box. They’re also able to explore artifacts where they can read about the history of hip-hop.
Vinyl Records
Music lovers are thrown back in time to experience the birth and evolution of hip-hop on the east coast through these vinyl stations. Visitors are able to step on records on the floor that light up and play songs from the albums featured on the cover. They’re also able to explore articles that they can read about the history of each artist. The Origins is designed to spread information about the background and history of a rapidly growing genre of music. 
Look & Feel
App Prototype
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